September 2015

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VisualARQ 1.9 new features webinar recorded

IFC Import & Export from Revit to Rhino and from Rhino to Revit video Watch the VisualARQ 1.9 new features webinar, held on July 8th 2015, to discover the new features and enhancements from the last VisualARQ 1.9 version:

  • IFC features: Import & Export, tag and Export options to exchange 3D models between Rhino and Revit or ArchiCAD.
  • New Plan View features
  • New Slab object features
  • New way to insert doors and windows
  • New Curtain wall features
  • Create columns from 3D and 2D blocks
  • Overview of VisualARQ Grasshopper Components WIP IV


Feature of the month

IFC Tag Ramp 300 IFC tag and Export Options
Since VisualARQ 1.9 version, it is possible to assign properties to objects when they are exported to IFC. This is a key feature for exchanging BIM models between Rhino and other AEC software packages like Revit or ArchiCAD.


Tips & Tricks

Door Control points 300 Learn some of the VisualARQ features through these Tips & Tricks:


VisualARQ projects

Recovery System VisualARQ Recovery System, by Juliana Vargas:
Discover this project created with Rhino and VisualARQ by Juliana Vargas, a young architect from Costa Rica.


Rhino architecture

VisualARQ-Rhino-design-louisiana-sports-hall-fame-northwest-history-museum VisualARQ Blog:
VisualARQ visits an architectural project designed with Rhino by Trahan Architects for the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum.