VisualARQ available in Chinese!

VisualARQ is a precise, intuitive and free-form architectural software for Rhinoceros, the most versatile and accurate 3D modeling software in the market.From the 1.8.4 version VisualARQ's interface, installer, templates and toolbars are available in Chinese.
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eNews September 2014

Quick production of architectural projects:

  • BIM made easy! Generate fast 3D models and get all 2D drawings and documentation automatically!
  • Easy to learn, easy to use: learn VisualARQ while you use it. Intuitive interface, friendly dialogs, Rhino-like menu, toolbars and command’s behavior. Easy workflow to develop your project design in a very fast way with the shortest learning curve.
  • VisualARQ exports models to .IFC, which can be used in other AEC platforms. The next 1.9 version will import IFC models too.
No limits of shape and design:

  • Free-form architecture: VisualARQ works on Rhinoceros, the most versatile and accurate 3D modeling software in the market. Any architectural project design is possible.
  • Parametric architecture: VisualARQ integrates into Grasshopper, the powerful graphical algorithm editor for Rhinoceros.
  • Rhino and VisualARQ support NURBS. You can easily create free-form surfaces, curved walls, beams, curtain walls...
Affordable price:

  • Rhinoceros + VisualARQ provides one of the best architectural package solutions in the market, at a very affordable price:
  • Commercial licenses are available from US$/€495 and educational licenses from US$/€95
  • Special price is available for students, teachers and schools. Educational licenses can be used for professional purposes.
  • No maintenance costs. Free support.